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Are You Rewarding Effectively?

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

As dog trainers and handlers, we use rewards to communicate to our dogs when they have done a good job. But when it comes to Scent Work, this message can be easily muddled and confused depending on the reward placement and timing! In this episode, we discuss the importance of effective reward usage as well as exercises you can try to improve your own timing and mechanical skills.

New Dog Woes

Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

A challenge many experienced Scent Work handlers will encounter, but do not often talk about, is trying to adjust to a new canine teammate. You, as the handler, have more knowledge and experience, perhaps even reaching high levels of success, but your new dog does not. How can you adjust your expectations, training plan and goals to this new dog? We discuss this, and more, with a roundtable of instructors, Michelle Doram, Michael McManus and Natalie McManus.

Helping Instructors Go Virtual

Saturday Aug 21, 2021

In this episode, we speak with Geryah Dingle of Dingle Days YouTube channel about her dog training journey, how she got started in Scent Work and the consulting services she offers to help dog training professionals bring their services into the virtual space.

K9 Nose Work Shelter Program

Thursday Aug 12, 2021

In this episode, we speak with the Co-Founder of NACSW™ and Founder of the K9 Nose Work® Shelter Program, Jill Marie O'Brien and Steven DeTata, CNWI who is spearheading the growth of the program and spreading the word on social media. This wonderful program pairs up of K9 Nose Work® certified instructors, or those who are going through the certified instructor program, with shelters and rescues to provide much-needed enrichment to shelter dogs. 

My Dog Lies! ... Or Does He?

Thursday Jul 22, 2021

"My dog lied!" This is a common statement made by handlers...but is it true? Are dogs knowingly going around lying to their people about where hides are? Or, are our dogs merely playing the game they thought we wanted them to play? We answer this question in this episode!

Cyber Scent Work: Shelter Dogs

Wednesday Jun 02, 2021

In this short episode, we continue to discuss Cyber Scent Work, Inc. and how it can help resident shelter dogs. This is a feature of Cyber Scent Work, Inc. that we are particularly excited about! Check out Cyber Scent Work, Inc. here: Are you a staff member of a shelter and interested in applying for approval? You can here: Be sure to follow Cyber Scent Work, Inc. on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Cyber Scent Work: Something New

Tuesday Jun 01, 2021

In this episode, we speak with Sean McMurray of Tails U Win! Canine Center, LLC in Manchester, CT about a brand new organization, Cyber Scent Work, Inc. that is launching on June 7, 2021. Cyber Scent Work is the perfect bridge between training and trialing in Scent Work and stands to provide a service that has been needed for a LONG time. Check out Cyber Scent Work here: Be sure to follow Cyber Scent Work on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Rewarding at Trial

Friday May 07, 2021

We received a wonderful question regarding what to do when, at an AKC Scent Work Trial, a dog hits upon a blue "x" showing where a hide used to be - do you reward or not?! The best thing to do was to pose this question to a panel of our talented instructors to get their take! In this episode we hear from Michelle Doram of White Collar K9, Khara Schuetzner of The Doggie Spot and Michael and Natalie McManus of Ready Sit Go. We look forward to having many more conversations with these talented instructors and trainers, so if you have a question about Scent Work you would like for us to pose to them, let us know!

One Thing At a Time

Thursday Apr 22, 2021

In dog training, we know it is advantageous to break things down, work one "D" (duration, distraction and distance) at a time. Doing so avoids confusion on behalf of the dog and prevents a multitude of issues and pitfalls from cropping up. Yet, when it comes to Scent Work training, these principles are either forgotten, pushed aside or flat out ignored! In this episode, we discuss why identifying all the various individual factors or elements of a given search area and/or exercise is a good idea. We delve into the importance of balancing the difficulty level of the hide against those factors and how this will ensure forward progression in our training, as opposed to going backwards. Basically, being mindful and thoughtful in how we train, even in Scent Work, is the way to go!

Scent Work is for All Dogs. Period.

Tuesday Mar 02, 2021

Strap in, our speaker is worked up. Every single dog on the planet should be doing Scent Work. Full stop. This should NOT be some exclusive club that is only open to top tier of dog and handler teams. People should not be rushing out to get dogs with professional detection dog breeding or background to do this activity. Every. Single. Dog. Can. Do. Scent. Work. As a community, we need to be more mindful about how we discuss this activity, the training options or approaches available and how we frame what the activity, and sport is. Because we can take this wonderful gift that we are FINALLY giving to our dogs, which celebrates them being a dog, and ruin it. We hope you give this episode a listen. It is blunt. There is raw emotion in it. But we owe it to our dogs to keep this activity fun and something that celebrates them being dogs...not just another way we as handlers can stroke our ego.

Confessions of a Terrible Student

Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

In our latest blog post, Trials and Tribulations of a Terrible Student, we discuss just how challenging it is to be a dog handler. Having to LEARN a skill yourself and then TEACH your dog a skill at the very same time is HARD! We build off of this topic in this episode by sharing the experiences of a terrible student and how her mental baggage derailed her more often than not. But it not all doom and gloom. We also offer some creative ways people can avoid these same pitfalls and better partner with their trainer and instructor. These types of open and honest discussions are important for our community to have. We hope you find this episode helpful.

Training On Your Own

Thursday Feb 04, 2021

Many of us will train on our own at some point when doing Scent Work with our dogs. You may even be doing all of your training one your own, preparing your hides, designing your searches and running your dog. In this podcast episode, we discuss the various factors we should keep in mind when training on our own so as to avoid leading our dog astray unintentionally. Some of the pointers covered in this podcast were also discussed in our latest blog, Where We See a Tree, Our Dog Sees a Forest, so be sure to check that out here.


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