What is Scent Work University?

April 8, 2018

Let's face it, Scent Work as an activity can be beneficial to every single dog. Our goal is to help more dogs and handlers learn about, and get involved in, Scent Work, regardless of whether they want to compete or not.

In talking with dog owners, we found there were three main reasons why they were not already playing Scent Work with their dogs:

  1. Lack of local Scent Work instructors or classes.
  2. Either the dog or the handler would not do well in a group class scenario.
  3. Their lives were already crazy and jam-packed with activities and responsibilities.

With that in mind, we created a flexible online learning option that did not skimp on the quality of instruction. If anything, Scent Work University participants should walk away feeling as though they had the individualized attention one would expect from a private lesson at a fraction of the cost!

To achieve this, we offer three enrollment types:

  • Student: The most intensive option, those who choose the Student enrollment will be expected to submit homework and video assignments for the instructor to review and provide feedback on, as well as participate in scheduled chat sessions. They will also have full access to the course-specific forum to ask any questions and share information with fellow Auditors and Watchers. The Student enrollment option is offered at specific times, and the course material will be available on a given date and there is a schedule "course end date"; although, participants will still have access to all the course material for a period of 1-year after enrolling.
  • Auditor: The Auditor enrollment option is a great intermediary. Participants will have full access to all the course materials and course forum, being able to ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow course participants. However, they will not be required to submit any homework or videos for review.
  • Watcher: This option is the least intensive, with participants have full access to the course materials, and able to view the course forum but they do not have access to posting to the same. The Watcher enrollment level is most similar to a self-taught option, and participants can go through the material at their leisure and when it works best for their schedule.

At Scent Work University, we believe dog ownership should be a fun-filled adventure. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

Now, let's get to training!