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Being a Good Scent Work Instructor

Saturday Sep 29, 2018

Do you teach Scent Work classes and/or provide private consultations? Then this episode is for you. We discuss a variety topics many instructors oftentimes overlook. Such as how you can help ensure your students (both canine and human) are successful in your classes and consultations, what you can do to feel fulfilled and happy with what you do as an instructor and common pitfalls to avoid.

Hosting a Scent Work Trial

Monday Sep 17, 2018

Have you ever considered hosting a Scent Work trial, but wasn't sure what was involved? Perhaps you have some reservations or thought it may not be for you. In this episode, we speak to two Scent Work University instructors, Lori Coventry and Kristina Sveinson, to see what goes into hosting NACSW and SDDA Scent Work trials respectfully, as well as pitfalls to avoid and tips for success. Learn more about Lori here and Kristina here.

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